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Administrative Organization

Based on the organic regulations of Sioulin Township Office of Hualien County, our office consists of the Magistrate, a Secretary, the Civil Administration Office, the Finance Office, the Reconstruction Office, the Cultural Office, the Personnel Office, the Office of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, and the Southern District Service Center. There are also a nursery school and a library. We have a staff of 56 people.

Township Magistrate:Shu-Yin,Syu Section Civil Affairs Section
Social Affairs Section
Finance Section
Construction Section
Agricultural Tourism Section
Personnel Officer
Accounting and Statistics Office
Culture Section
Southern Region Service Center
Childcare Section
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Address: No.62, Sioulin Rd., Sioulin Township, Hualien County 972,Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : 866-2-03-8612116   Fax :886-2-03-8611185